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APS is a leader in the design, manufacture and installation of Electrical Cabinets for both mills and for all types of industries where automation and application of the Latest Technologies in the use and control of the processes are vital to achieve the objectives customer.


APS was founded in 2013. Our goal: to provide excellent service to those potential clients who work in the industry.

Our history of the hand of the multinational GEA has led us to become today a company with recognized expertise in the field of industrial centrifugation. We have highly qualified professionals. Being located in the province of Jaen, world capital of olive oil, we have our major clients in the international olive-growing sector, and have completed projects across the country and internationally, for example, Portugal, Morocco, Chile, Argeila, South Africa, etc ....

We offer a real and fast service at:

* Design of installations.
* Installation and commissioning of installationss.
* Maintenance and troubleshooting.
* Design of new products and equipment to improve working conditions.
* Due to its continuous presence in the market, APS has obtained the experience and expertise necessary to develop services and products that the market requests.

Some of the products that offers APS are:

* Programming control and automation for olive oil factories.
* Various systems for control engine start.
* Equipment for adjust the installations with control parameters and monitoring, etc..

Of this form, APS also provides a real service and fast that responds to situations and incidents that could appear during the following stages:

* Design of olive oil factories.
* Installing and creation of industrial factories.
* Maintenance and resolutions of any interruption in the first stage.
* Designing new equipment and products to improve working conditions.

To do before the work mentioned, APS has adapted his workshop so that you can deal with the demands of the market with the best guarantee of safety and quality. This is reflected in our Quality and Environment Policy.